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Los Tocayos has a plantation of 24 hectares of olive trees, obeys a semi-intensive framework, this is a 6 meter x 4 meter plantation frame, in which each hectare has about 416 trees, totaling 10,000 trees throughout the plantation.

Our olive groves are irrigated in 100% of the exploitation, which guarantees us to achieve spectacular regularity both in the harvest and in the quality of it.

Respect for the environment is an agronomic aspect for which Los Tocayos SRL. has been betting since its beginnings, not yet practicing organic farming, our agricultural policy is aimed at an integrated production, such as: the use of pruning waste as organic fertilizer, maintenance of the vegetation cover, thus reducing erosion and facilitating the land permeability, and also avoiding the irrational use of herbicides, thus facilitating micro habitat of native species, for which we have several types of studies, leaf and land analysis, pest control, fertigation plans, until the olive maturity index is carried out, so that really objective decisions can be made from management.

For Los Tocayos SRL. the authentic oil factory is our olive groves, because these are the ones that are going to offer us that fruit where the juice is stored inside, which we will later obtain in a totally natural way and without any manipulation at the time of obtaining it, the only thing that in the mill we will make its extraction, as if it were an orange juice.


Our Oils

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin

All the extra virgin olive oil obtained under the Olivos de las Animas brands comes from our olive groves.



Olivos de las Animas is bottled every month and on demand so that the oil is always kept in its inertized deposits.



Thanks to our geographical location, the foothills (of the hill) of Las Animas, our oils are 100% of the variety Arbequina, Picual or Coratina.


Our History

The Origin
We begin to look for fields to undertake a new challenge.
We specify the purchase of the fields.
We begin planting the first 24 hectares.
We made our first harvest.
We launched our brand ‘Olivos de las Ánimas’.



The fruits from which our oil is obtained are collected in the greening phase, with the slight color change of the olive. Its collection is carried out with a technique specially reserved for «oleum ex albis ulivis». After this phase the selection process takes place, in which the loose leaves are removed, washed and the quality of the olives is checked.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to getting a good oil is the dead times that the olive has to go from when it is picked up to its entrance to the mill, which have to be as short as possible. That is why our olives will be processed within 24 hours of being harvested.

The ancient Romans classified olive oil into five qualities: “oleum ex albis ulivis” from the milling of green olives, “oleum viride” from olives collected at the most advanced stage of maturation, “oleum maturum” from olives ripe, “oleum caducum” from olives dropped to the ground and “oleum cibarium” from almost rotten olives, which was used for feeding slaves.
The color of olive oil ranges from greenish yellow to golden greenish.

The collection is done very early, always depending on an optimum state of maturity, when does this state of maturity occur? Between the end of March and the beginning of May, when the green olive begins to show certain pigmentation or color change both outside and in the pulp, that is the exact moment in which the olive is going to give us an authentic juice of fruits with which to enjoy its olfactory and gustatory richness where we will find as experience in the oil until recently unknown, aromas such as; the tomato, the apple, the banana, the fig tree, the green wheat, the freshly cut grass,…, in short, a whole world of sensations for our senses. This harvesting is done in a very short period of time, since as the day goes by in the harvest the olive matures rapidly The type of collection is manual, being carried out with a large workforce for collection in drawers and subsequent loading on the trailers that will transport the olive quickly to the mill.


Preparation And Classification

In less than 24 hours after the start of the day, the first games of olive arrive at the mill, then it is processed in the cleaning plant consisting of separating the olive from possible impurities such as leaves and branches, by means of a cyclone that blows them , to move on to its subsequent storage in its stainless steel hoppers and its immediate processing.

The milling and shaking are carried out in cold, with temperatures below 21º C, and a very short beating time, thus conserving all volatile components, causing the fruity aromas and flavors that are transmitted from the fruit to the juice, as if it were an orange.
After the shake comes the physical centrifugation, which consists in the separation of the liquid part; alpechin (vegetation water) and oil, of the solid part; mass (bone, pulp, …) as a result of the different densities of the olive components.

As the final phase for the processing of the oil, it is cleaned in the centrifuge consisting of the liquid (oil) – liquid (water) separation, as a consequence of its different densities. It is at the exit of this centrifuge when the master makes his classification of the oil that will go to one or the other deposits, by tasting.


Storage And Conservation

Once classified in their corresponding deposits, the oil is allowed to decant naturally for about 15 days, after which we will filter all the oil, so that in this way we avoid the purging of deposits, which does not become perfect and thus avoid the possible humidities and decanted impurities can have a negative effect on its evolution during the rest of the year.

They are immediately siphoned out and stored in inerted tanks with nitrogen, under a controlled temperature in the same warehouse between 18º – 20º, ready for direct packaging, so that they remain unchanged throughout the year, their chemical qualities, as well as their organoleptic qualities.


Professionalism in any sector, is the most important weapon with which a company can begin a background race towards the business world, and even more when the sector in which the new company starts has the history that the oil world has.

So, with a good formation as the foundations of the project, Los Tocayos SRL marked a maximum; the elaboration of High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, for which we have the collaboration, from the beginning, of excellent professionals.

It is from this moment that in addition to a project, this business adventure becomes a philosophy of life, whose purpose is not only to sell a product, but to disseminate, promote and foment the excellence of a product so known for its existence throughout history, but as unknown in its excellence as fat and as a healthy food, in addition to its different types of varieties, with which to enjoy, pair and taste a real fruit juice such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% natural.

In Los Tocayos SRL the goal as a company is not to sell a certain number of bottles, because the maximum is the one that each year their farms are able to yield. The really important thing is to teach, at least in a close and readable way, the use of the different types of extra virgin oils that we can find according to their variety, time of collection or tastes, so that the consumer understands that the use is not incompatible of several extra virgins according to their use, and thus optimize the best oil for which dishes, in short, start to combine oils depending on their use in cooking.



In the department of Maldonado, near Pan de Azúcar, at the bottom of Cerro de las Ánimas, 100 meters above sea level, the second highest hill in our country, very close to Cerro Pan de Azúcar, in a privileged environment with landscapes and a very particular energy. Located just 15 minutes from Punta del Este and one hour from our capital Montevideo.

Its privileged situation, constitutes an authentic natural border between the mountains and our territory of penillanuras, presents its own enclaves of high ecological value and with a great variety of species of both flora and fauna.

The fauna is rich and varied. Among the mammals there are singular species such as the river wolf, the gray fox, the mulitas and the hares. The presence of large herbivores such as the guazubirá, as well as the wild boar ..
Of the birds it is possible to emphasize especially the presence of the red, blue cardinals, the widows and an infinity of beautiful specimens, as well as that of the imposing Ñandú.


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